Best air cleaners with ionizator

Best air cleaner with ionizator

Alpine air cleaner with ionizator is a novelty on the market of HVAC equipment. This air cleaner perfectly cope with the dust in the air, dust mites, viruses and bacteria, ways to get rid of mold and mildew; different tobacco smoke and odors. This ionizer does not take up much space, but perfectly purify the air in the room up to 500 square ft.

Alpine air cleaner with ionizator is most perfect, because in addition to the improved design and increased coverage area it has two modes of operation as air ozonator, which allows to remove various germs and odors in less time. Therefore, for large rooms and offices with a large number of employees is better to buy Alpine air cleaner with ionizator, it is perfectly helps to reduce the incidence of influenza and colds, efficiently ionizes the air, improving thought processes.

Pleasant addition to all Alpine air cleaners with ionizator is an air flavoring. It allows to use aromatherapy right at home. Just drop a bit of essential oil on a special plate and attach it to the air cleaner.

All Alpine air purifiers have the following advantages that distinguish them among other climate equipment:

– Cleaning the air of dust, odors, viruses, bacteria

– Silent operation: no fan – no noise. Air moves through the ion wind technology.

– Absence of replaceable elements, dust and other dirt are removed from the air by an electrostatic precipitator, which is easy to clean and does not require replacement. Smells, tobacco smoke, viruses, bacteria are destroyed in the allocation of micro-doses of ozone in the normal mode, or by increasing the output of ozone – in the ozonation mode (Turbo Mode).

– Long life service ensured by the absence of complex controls.

– Easy management and maintenance of air cleaners can be used it at any home, even the elderly will be easy to deal with them.

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