How Server colocation helps to cut down your business IT costs.

Server colocation has become popular with many small and medium sized companies which want not only to enjoy the benefits of outsourcing web hosting services from a third party colocation provider but also as a way to cut down their IT costs.Colocation is expensive for businesses to implement at first given that they have to invest in their owners servers plus other equipment but in the long run, this cost will be significantly reduced. Colocation helps businesses to cut cost in the two main ways

Setup Costs

The cost of setting up a data center is very costly and involving for a small or medium sized business given that it requires massive resources to set a reliable and effective data center. A data center also means a modification of the existing business building or construction to accommodate all IT needs; the business premises requires excellent internet connectivity, affordable power supply and backup systems, air conditioning and cooling systems, fire prevention and suppression systems among other implementations which would cost the business so much money to implement.

However, even if some of the implementations would be of great benefit to the business in certain circumstances, it wouldn’t provide the standard level of redundancy and reliability purpose that data centers are know for. Relying on server colocation provides any business with the opportunity of using the resources of an already running data center while eliminating the initial setup costs associated with constructing your own center.

Security Costs

The server collocation provider is required to protect and preserve the core IT system for your business. Most data centers have installed the state-of-the-art security systems that protect your server from physical theft or unauthorized access of your server. It also protects the server from spywares, viruses and other internet threats. Implementing these security measures in your own data center can be very costly.

Colocation is the best way to cut your IT costs significantly.


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