How To Prepare Your Own Cleaning Products

If you want to save shopping from home with the best alternative is make your own cleaning products. Then we will give a series of tricks to be able to clean in an original way and with the elements already have at home. Instead of buying expensive cleaners for the floor and the window you can use a washing dishes. Mix two tablespoons of detergent and diluyelo in 3.75 liters of water. Then use this preparation to clean windows and floors dirty.

Instead of buying products from cleaning to the bathroom four cups of thyme mixed with one gallon of water. The solution used to clean the mold of tiles, sinks and bathtubs. Apply this mixture and rub the area. Also using toothpaste to clean the toilet. It will look impeccable.

Doess elements of chromium in your home? There are several ways to clean them. For example, you can use a cloth soaked in vinegar. To clean chrome oven you can clean with a mixture of water and baking soda. Let it sit overnight and clean the following day.

Spread toothpaste in the sink and leave overnight. Scrub the next day. Notaráss that the effect is greater if you leave work for several hours. It also adds three capsules of vitamin C.

To create a sachet of environment takes a piece of cotton and empápalo with your favorite fragrance. Put it in an open container and leave in the room. You can also rub scented oils on your bulbs and flood warming fragrance throughout the room. Another option is to mix your limpador floor with your favorite aroma.

Finally, we will teach you to create your own polishfurniture on This will not only keep our furniture more polished but also be better protected. Mix one teaspoon of olive oil and half cup of lemon juice. You can also mix a tablespoon of lemon oil with four cups of mineral oil. Passes these mixtures by the furniture and leave it on.

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