Two Essential Things in Church Renovations

Church Pew Repair

Interior and exterior design choices can make or break a facility. This is also very true when it comes to church renovations. Often, the goal of a church renovation is to create a better sense of community. Both of the aspects mentioned can really affect how the people will do as a church community—how they feel welcome in the facility and interact during worship. When your church leaders have decided to make some renovations in the church, you can chip in these ideas below. Just remember that renovating a church calls for a professional to produce a great result.

There should not be seats behind the chancel. Why should there be pews in which the people sitting there must see only the back of the minister’s head? Instead of facing the congregation, these people want to face the altar. These people are often the choir members. Seating arrangements like this can create a feeling of being left out. Every one wants and deserves to feel like they are part of the worship. By renovating the church pews, you can get these people seated on a curved pew where they are no longer the backdrop to the preacher.

There should be more light. The idea behind this is simple; light can signal God’s presence. The old, A-frame design of church had nothing but dark and subdued interior. This was meant to make the worshipers feel reverent when they faced forward, watching the minister led worship. However, worship is something that you participate in, and not watch. That is why, the presence of light plays important part in communions. People will be reminded that there will always be light, and that God is always at work in their lives. The communion will filled with light and energy, and worshipers will be more joyful and more Spirit-filled.

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