Creating User Friendly Websites

How Gestalt Psychology Can Help Web Designers 

Create User Friendly Websites?

Toronto web developmentIf you planning to build a web site then your aim should be to include each and every aspect which can help in improving appeal of your site and help it generate business. Your web site design can be improved and made professional if various principles of Gestalt Psychology are taken into consideration and utilized by designers.

Gestalt Psychology

According to Gestalt Psychology, when we look at any group of objects, we try to understand what they create in their entirety ahead of any attempt to look at what the individual objects are.

In the following sections let us look at some of the laws which are part of Gestalt Psychology and how they can be useful in website designing. We will look at:

  • Law of Simplicity
  • Law of Prägnanz
  • Law of Proximity
  • Law of Similarity

Law of Simplicity

According to this law our mind tries to understand all things in their simplest form. Use in Website Designing: Designers can utilize this law to combine creativity with art to create stunning designs.

Principle of Figure-ground (Law of Prägnanz)

As per this principle our visual field has two parts wherein prominent role is taken up by some objects (called as the figures) while rest objects move to background (known as the ground). 

Use in Website Designing: Toronto web development firms can use it to create images and graphical elements which can effectively communicate the right message to your users. As for example, in an ad used in Food and Wine Festival in Melbourne (2007), wine bottles were placed in such a way that they provided an illusion of fork. Thus, the design was able to convey message of the event in a very compelling manner. 

Law of Proximity

As per this law, when people see collection of different objects, they visualize object near each other to form a group.

Use in Website Designing: Designers can make use of this principle to improve their designs. As for instance, kerning can be utilized in a better way so that users can clearly understand the letters which are forming a word. Oftentimes, additional space present between letters in a sentence can confuse readers and make it difficult to understand when any particular word is ending and another one is starting. 

A good example of use of this law is the Unilever logo in which small figures due to their close proximity are perceived by people to be a single cluster forming the letter U.

Law of Similarity

Law of similarity states that people consider elements to be of same group if those elements look similar to each other. Use in Website Designing: In the field of website designing this law can be used when using colors, fonts, orientation, size and texture. As for instance, in any web page, implementing a good type scheme would assist visitors clearly as well as separately comprehend the sections which are being used as captions, headlines or as main text.


To summarize we can say that Gestalt Psychology and its associated principles can be quite useful in improving website designs and providing better user experience.

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