Activated carbon filters

HEPA filters are the most popular filter in the market, besides, there is another filter called activated carbon filters, which are often used with other filters together. This filter and a filter named charcoal filter are good at removing gases and odors, and also clear smoke, chemical and mold away with good result. If you are looking for a smoke and odors removal, you can choose those air cleaners with activated carbon filter. The website is for your reference to choose the models you like.

Normally speaking, this kind of filter can trap more than 99% airborne and smaller particles than HEPA filter. Someone thinks ionizer air purifier is more effective on cleaning air. However, when you choose this kind of air purifier, you have to be very careful to select the one does not generates ozone. There will be no problem if you choose activated carbon filter, and the life circle is depends on the area of the filter. That means the bigger the filter is, the more quantity of gases and odors it can absorb. When the filter is full with these chemicals, you need to change your filter. Thus, if you think HEPA can not totally fit your need, why not choose the combination of HEPA filter and activated carbon filter?

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