Join The Fight Against Toxic Living Environments

What's The Problem?

green spaceOur environment is detrimental to our survival. We depend on the environment and its natural elements for everything, from food to clothing. With climate change, global warming, and an ever increasing rate of extinct animals, protecting our environment has never been more important. The chemicals and poisons that pollute the air also make their way into our food and water, and is thus not only being inhaled, but consumed as well. These toxins and chemicals can lead to a series of health issues, from cancer to obesity. Because of the very real threat of global warming due to climate change, scientist have began to take a closer look at mother earth, in an attempt to save our communities , and return them to a healthy, pollution free environment. 

A Simple Solution

A Green Space is any open area of vegetated land on an undeveloped or underdeveloped landscape. They are generally between urban areas, and is considered a "natural environment". The space provides an open area for communities to work together to improve the quality of life for themselves and their neighbors. People unknowingly expose themselves to harmful and toxic chemicals on a daily basis. Unfortunately, it can not be completely avoided because of the rate of chemical pollution, and lack of effort to reduce it.

A Green Space helps reduce the amount of exposure to these harmful chemicals by providing a natural, chemical free environment. The only way to fight against climate change, it to rid out pollution toxins and fossil fuels, the clean energy that a toxic free area provides is the perfect environment for collecting elements free of toxins and harmful elements. Everyone wants to live in a safe and breathable environment, and we can all achieve that goal by establishing these areas in every community, joining together in the fight against climate change and toxic environments.

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