The Greenbelt: A Place Like No Other

The Greenbelt in Ontario

Focuses on Fresh Air, Local Food and More 

Ontarios greenbeltOntario's Greenbelt is quite noteworthy. The area cannot be compared to many others in Canada. That's because it covers an astounding two million acres total. This land is all fully protected, too. The Greenbelt covers a significant portion of the province. Part of the Greenbelt is in Tobermory. There are also parts of the Greenbelt in the Greater Golden Horseshoe. The Greenbelt has a rather simple and straightforward aim. That aim is to defend places that are particularly vulnerable to environmental concerns. It's also to do the same for farmlands that are in danger of being destroyed. There are many places all throughout the continent that are in danger of being ruined for the sake of urban construction efforts. Ontario’s Greenbelt strives to encourage a healthy society and world for all. It aims to promote clean H20, fresh air, strong economies and local farming.

This area has the distinction of being the planet's biggest green belt that has permanent defense. It's chock-full of forests, river valleys, wetlands and lakes. It's also chock-full of animals of many varieties. 

Food is a significant concern for many people in the world these days. That's why more and more people are turning to the benefits of local food offerings. Food usually has to move 2,500 kilometers prior to making it to peoples' dining tables. Food that was cultivated in the Greenbelt, however, is a whole other story. This food usually doesn't even have to move 250 kilometers, surprisingly enough. The Greenbelt is home to roughly 5,500 farms.

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