Double Wall Cups Are Better Than Plastic Cups

These cups can be used for both home and office drinking purposes. Double wall cups help in maintaining hot drink hot while cold drink cold. They have excellent insulation properties and are also harmless to the person holding them. They are disposable and fully recyclable. Plastic cups are loved by many because of their rigidity as opposed to paper cups. Both have the disadvantage of transferring heat to the users, however, the rate of transfer of heat energy in plastic cups is faster than in the double wall cups.

Plastic cups are environmental pollutants because they are not biodegradable. The microorganisms responsible for decomposition cannot work on plastic materials. This means that such materials pile up in the environment, making it unsafe to live in. Plastics do not only pose threat to human beings, but also aquatic living things. For instance, if they got their way to water bodies, fish and other animals are affected by styrene contained in the plastics. This will interfere with the normal ecosystem of that water body and human beings are affected in the process as they also depend on sea creatures. Plastics have also been proven as a carcinogen in animals; hence, it’s a cause of cancer. Studies have also shown that individuals exposed to styrene for long periods are likely to develop cancer- a fatal disease. Due to the above reasons, people are encouraged to use double wall cups as often as they can.

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