How Additional CPR Training Can Help Medical Students

Medical Students Have To

Pass First Aid And CPR To Work In Their Field

One of the first classes a nursing or medical student may take is First Aid and CPR. This class can help the student when they are doing their clinical. If a nursing student takes and passes the first aid class, they will be able to help others in time of need. It is easy to imagine how good it would feel if the student were able to save another human beings life with the first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The medical student will take classes for two to eight years or more. The first classes may need to be repeated later to keep certificates in good standing. This may call for a cpr renewal course. Most of these classes are a review of the procedure and discussion when things may change in the way the procedure is carried out.

Many years ago, the EMT/Paramedic certification class required the CPR participation as part of the learning and part of the test. The teacher usually did the Red Cross version to train the students properly. After training and passing the class, the students could then take the test for certification. This test requires a person to demonstrate the act. Years ago, the test was a two person demonstration. If one person got something wrong, the other would fail as well. It was not a fair deal. Now, the students taking the examination are responsible for their own tests and trials. 

If a student does not pass the cpr renewal course the first try, they can try to pass it again later. Knowing how to properly do the procedure is a smart thing for anyone to know.

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