Vertical Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors

Vertical blinds are superior to other window treatments for sliding glass doors in many ways. For starters, vertical blinds are usually much less expensive than other options. They do not take as long to make, and the material to make them is cheaper than both plantation shutters and cellular shades.

The only part of a vertical blind that takes any time to manufacture is the track or head rail. The slats normally come already punched (each slat has a hole punched in the top to attach to the headrail mechanism) and just have to get cut to length. You can navigate here  to know more about the blinds for windows.

The track, valance, and slats for a vertical blind can be built in less than an hour. A bypass door system, on the other hand, can take May hours to finish. This extra labor is added to your cost at a time of purchase.

The material to build a vertical blind is also cheaper. The vertical consists of an aluminum head rail and PVC louvers (they can also be fashioned from cloth) whereas plantation shutters use pre-fabricated wood, vinyl, or composite material.

A cellular shade is made from a special paper like fabric which is also more expensive than vertical material. The biggest factor in determining the cost of a window treatment is the material and verticals are the clear winners in this case.

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