What is halal certification?

The halal certificate is a document that provides the surety that services and products targeted at halal consumer meet the necessary conditions of Islamic Sharia and this makes it proper to be consumed or used in the Muslim majority countries as well as western countries where a prominent population practice Islam (Germany, France, UK, and Spain.)

Halal certifikat is provided through the process of halal certification, which makes sure that the products quality is up to the standards of the Islamic Council that mark the halal logo. The halal logo is, however, applied to meat and edible products, especially like canned food, milk, and additives.

The growing demand is however also making the industry to present the certificate to cosmetic and pharmaceutical products so that they can be used by the Muslims present around the globe.

The meat products are the primary focus of the halal industry and the businesses are certified if they are using halal procedures for slaughtering the animals. The special process used for slaughtering animals is called Zibah in Islam, which is considered the only proper whether hands or machine is used for carrying out the process. Other than halal logo, the products are also symbolized with the letter M like the K is used for Kosher Jewish products.

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