Hen Night Ideas – For a Unique and Memorable Hen Night

It is important to understand how a sweet and memorable hen party is planned. With a good understanding, it is possible to plan a unique hen night that both the bride to be and her friends will never forget.

Proper planning is therefore the key and there are the items that should be considered when making your plan. These are the attendees age bracket, the location and the means of transport, the appropriate theme with matching accessories and finally the hen activities to perform throughout the night. You can consult Sydneyhotshots if you want to know more about hen parties.

Before deciding on the theme and which accessories to purchase, consider the location. Some locations do not accept large crowds or some themes. Remember to also plan for adequate transport which should actually match the hen night theme. If it is a cowboy theme, the means of transport should at least show this. You can also choose generally less explicit themes such as angel theme with angel wings and halos. 

The event can revolve around these themes: police woman theme, angel theme, school girl theme, Halloween theme and many more. The theme can be anything you want about. And remember that there are thousands of hen night accessories to match any theme. Some of the hen accessories includes angels wings and halos, wands, hats, costumes, masks, devil's horns, tutus among others.

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