5 Things All Women Need To Know Before Using False Lashes

Beyond dispute false lashes enhance your eyes in a way which makes them more prominent and appealing. However false lashes or extensions can sometimes prove to be irritable if they are not made from the material or are not applied properly. This article will shed light primarily upon which false lashes to use and how to use them effectively.

Be Careful In Your Placement And Application

If your placement or application is not accurate you might end up losing a strip everyday especially if you touch it too often. So take time to figure out the shape of your eye and then meticulously place the false lashes. You do so by applying a thin layer of glue and then letting it dry before placing it gently on your eyelashes.


Do Your Makeup Before Using False Lashes

This will avoid color particles in your eyes and therefore give it a more natural look.

Individual Lashes Last Longer

If you want a long lasting and more natural look, you should opt for individual lashes rather than strip lashes. These lashes also vary in length and fiber so you can go for the one that best fulfills your needs!

Individual lashes to be applied by professionals

Because of the excessive chemicals used in the glue, a trained professional should apply them on you instead of you putting them on yourself.

Hence by keeping these effective guidelines in mind, you will be able to apply false lashes without any consequences!

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