How to Choose the Best Type of Promotional Sticker for Your Business?

There are different kinds of stickers available in market used for different purposes. There are different businesses which provide customized and personal stickers, labels and wall graphics that are basically used for advertisement. If you are not sure that which kind of stickers and labels are best suited for your company or business below are a few types of stickers and labels:

Courtesy: StickerGiant

1.Product Labels

Product labels are one of the most commonly used promotional stickers. These are used to create an image of brand which helps customers to remember the name and products of the brand. These are meant to be placed on the front of the products. The good thing is sticker label printing is not very expensive so it can be used by all kind of businessmen.

2. Wall Graphics 

These stickers are similar to regular promotional stickers. The only difference is that wall graphics are more graphical than promotional ones. These are also available in various sizes and these can be used on walls, glass, floors and ceilings.

3. Automotive Window Stickers

Automotive stickers are very durable and can last for long time. These are printed on white uncoated all temperature sheets. It is because these are especially made for car windows. These stickers can survive extreme weathers. There are three types of car window stickers:

  • Blank window stickers
  • Customized automotive stickers and
  • Pre-printed window stickers.

These are some types of stickers that are frequently used in markets.

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