Floyd Mayweather Needs to Have Somebody Read This for Him

Day 2: "What're you doing with a school sack in front of an audience? You can't read!" – McGregor on Mayweather's rucksack of cash.

A couple of hours after Day 1 finished, this author stated "McGregor isn't hesitant to 'go there,' and there are a lot of spots to go with regards to Mayweather. With regards to profit, however, there wasn't anything he could state."

All things considered, obviously, that was off base.

In a reference to Mayweather pulling a $100 million check from a knapsack the earlier day, McGregor turned the tables by asking "What're you doing with a school pack in front of an audience? You can't read!"

It was presumably the absolute most awful joke of the whole visit and was the sort of verbal viciousness that fans were seeking after following a generally unremarkable first day.

Day 2: "Diligent work! Diligent work! Diligent work! Diligent work!" – Floyd Mayweather beginning Day 2 of the Tour a similar way he would begin each other day.

On paper, Floyd Mayweather versus Conor McGregor is one of the greatest confounds ever. That has made things troublesome for McGregor supporters with regards to making sense of a sensible road to triumph for the blended military craftsman.

The most widely recognized conclusion that fans come to is that McGregor can work his verbal enchantment, tunnel under Mayweather's skin and compel him to commit errors.

It sounds good, to some degree. McGregor picked at Jose Aldo for over a year prior to them at long last gone head to head at UFC 193. When they did, the Brazilian champ was strangely finished forceful, bringing about a 13-second knockout.

With the gigantic group behind him, McGregor tossed fastball after fastball at Mayweather. Each shot landed, and each shot was the hardest that Mayweather has gotten in years.

It was a perfect execution by McGregor…and Mayweather didn't wince.

In the wake of being booed and offended for 10 minutes, Mayweather strolled to the platform and began his half of Day 2 a similar way he did Day 1. He was met with boos, yet it didn't make a difference. Nothing McGregor said made a difference. Nothing the group droned made a difference. He's as untouchable outside the ring as he is in it.

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