Uses OF Galvanized Plumbing in Homes

If you live in or are buying an older home (50 yrs +) you need to be on the lookout for galvanized plumbing. This pipe was widely used in early 20th century buildings, up through the 1960s.

Galvanized pipe was developed as a non-rusting option; a thin coat of zinc is applied to steel pipes to keep corrosive materials from getting to the steel.

Unfortunately, it turned out that the pipe does rust-from the inside out and at the joints, causing clogging and leaks. While the rust itself does not necessarily cause issues with your drinking water, it may influence the taste and slow down the amount of time needed to fill a sink or have a shower.

Failures in the plumbing are normally on a large scale, especially if older leaks have not been properly repaired.

Some plumbers maintain that especially with older pipes, repairing one place can cause others to spring up.

Galvanized pipes do have a rather long life-40 to 50 years-and have been reported to last even longer in areas of the country where there is not a great deal of corrosive material in the water. Find here  Galvanized Steel Pipes (which is also known as ” ท่อเหล็กอาบสังกะสี” in Thai language ) manufacturers, suppliers & exporters in Thailand.

If you’re worried about an older home, have a licensed plumber come in to inspect the situation before purchasing. If you already have and suspect you have galvanized plumbing, you can do a little of this yourself before calling in a specialist.

All plumbing fail eventually. The secret is to keep conscious of the condition of your home’s pipes and plan accordingly.

If you know you’ve galvanized pipe that’s beyond its life expectancy, the safest thing to do is funding for the eventual full replacement. Discover all about Stainless steel (which is also known as ” สแตนเลสรูปพรรณ ” in Thai language ) via visiting online websites.

If you’re buying and small issues are already evident, you might wish to go ahead and do the replacement before going in. Or, if you are already in the house, you might plan for annual replacements in different sections of your house to keep costs and annoyance down to a minimum.

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