The Importance of a Pre-Wedding Shoot

A pre-wedding shoot is the ideal prospect to develop an understanding with your wedding photographer and get comfortable in front of the camera. Fun and informal, pre-wedding shoots are a new trend that is catching on fast.

Most photographers have a pre-wedding shoot as part of the packages as they feel it’s very important to become familiar with their customers before the wedding day. You can find more information about wedding photographer through

The shoot occurs about three weeks before the wedding day it’s typically outdoors using natural light that’s more flattering and enables the photographer to catch the couple naturally.

Knowing how your photographer functions and viewing the results of your pre-wedding pictures of the afternoon and give you confidence that your photographer will capture fantastic shots of you both on the wedding day.

If your photographer hasn’t photographed at your place before it’s a fantastic opportunity to combine the trip to the venue alongside your pre-wedding shoot. If you are wedding is occurring in winter or autumn you will like your pre-wedding shoot to occur at your wedding venue in the summer, this way you’ll have a collection of contrasting seasonal pictures from your wedding venue. You can learn more about how to find best photographer in Dubai through

It is important to the photographer to know how the couple wants to be photographed and learn whether there are any concerns the few have regarding public affection or which side they want to be photographed. Or there might be a substantial height difference between the bunch and they want to see the way the photographer can approach this.

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