Tips for Using Ads in Your Windows Phone App

There are many ways to earn through windows phone app and one of them is through ads. If you are new to mobile app ads, here is a quick intro about how they work. 

On Windows Phone, mobile ad revenue is driven by the number of ads shown, and a number of ads that are clicked upon. Windows app developers are paid a certain cost to show ads within their apps. So, to get the maximum revenue, you have to create experiences that add value to your customers while also driving ad impressions that generate highest revenue possible. Here are some tips for using ads in your windows phone app.

  1. Make sure your app is easy to use i.e. it has smooth navigation with clear examples
  2. Have an attractive UI, with eye-catching graphics and animations.
  3. Ensure that your app does not crash or stop as users find it very frustrating to use such apps.
  4. Add social elements i.e. in case of games score tracking and for other apps allow sharing through social networks.
  5. Be selective about when your ads will appear. Too many and boring and frustrating ads can lead to poor reviews and ratings
  6. Select the ads that fit your category or are relevant to your category.

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