Important Facts About Cold Pipe Insulation

Insulation isn’t only used for containing heat, it is also utilized to control cold pipe systems and maintain them functioning correctly and in good repair.

 Insulation jackets

  • There are several problems to be dealt with when using insulation jackets on cold pipe systems. The first and possibly most important concern is controlling condensation. When the cold pipe system contacts the atmosphere, condensation will form once the pipe system is below the dew point of the ambient air.
  • Insulation jackets need to be specially designed with sufficient thickness and vapor retardation qualities to keep condensation from gathering. Condensation causes corrosion of metal and diminished efficacy of insulating materials in the insulation jackets.

Insulating Cold Pipes vs. Insulating Hot Pipes

It’s a common misconception that cold insulation materials may be just like insulation for warm systems. In fact, there are lots of differences between cold system insulation needs and hot system insulation requirements. Don’t waste money or your effort by buying a metal pipe (which is also known as “ท่อเหล็ก” in the Thai language  ) before comparing to other companies.






Effective Water Vapor Barriers: preventing condensation from gathering right on the metal surface being insulated a key part of avoiding metal degradation.

Cold Pipe Insulation Materials

There are lots of types of materials which could be used to insulate cold systems. When combined with the appropriate vapor barriers, materials like fiberglass, mineral wool and cellular glass are rated for low temperatures

Ideal Cold Pipe Insulation Characteristics

  • Strong vapor barrier capability
  • Closed market, non-wicking components
  •   Airtight application

Often, materials which include all of these characteristics have one significant drawback. Getting to the actual pipe surface for maintenance purposes frequently involves damaging or permanently removing the insulating material that was applied.

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