Door Defects & Related Injury Claims

We’re all used to opening and shutting doors on a daily basis. If you don’t encounter a problem with the function of your doors, you probably don’t give their operation and component make up much consideration.

Doors are actually a pretty simple and early invention. They probably started with a few wide planks to enclose an opening to keep out the weather or separate your belongings from the animals.

Contemporary door systems are considerably more complex but still do the basics. They keep your stuff protected from the elements, animals, and other peoples.

While this guide is by no means meant to be exhaustive and highly technical, there are a few things that need identification in order for each of us to properly understand their functions and be able to effectively convey information.

A basic door system is composed of a framed opening, hinges, door, and door latch or lock. As security and separation requirements increase, the door system begins to increase in sophistication. The basic door is either considered an unrated fire separation component or a rated fire separation component.

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Unrated doors are installed in locations which don’t participate in keeping a fire contained. They are typical in most home places, with the usual exception of a garage to inside home doorway. Unrated doors could be approved for some exterior exit doors in commercial buildings, as well as interoffice openings.

Fire rated door systems:

Fire rated doors, together with other augmented system elements are able to include a fire without burning through to get a known and tested time period. Typical ratings of fire doors are 20, 45, 60, 90, and 180 minutes. Uniform building codes and local fire codes determine the appropriate separations necessary for a specific area of every building.

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