Water Fire Extinguisher Advice

Water fire extinguishers are appropriate for ordinary kinds of fires, involving materials like fabric, paper, wood, and other ordinary burnables. They are not effective on fires of different classes, including liquids, kitchen fires, and flammable gases.

A fire as described above, water is an efficient and quick means to put things out. There are a number of different kinds of water fire extinguisher, including models that operate by the gas cartridge and the ones that run via stored pressure.

Pressurized water fire extinguishers 

Pressurized water fire extinguishers have been in existence since the late nineteenth century. One version, the soda/acid extinguisher, was invented in 1881 and relied upon the reaction between sodium bicarbonate and sulphuric acid to expel the water out on a fire.

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Modern water fire extinguishers 

Modern water fire extinguishers don’t work this way. They use either a cartridge attached to the extinguisher, which is full of pressurized gas or pressurizes the whole water container. However, their capacity to extinguish class A fires remains the same.

 fire extinguishers

Some water fire extinguishers contain an additive, in addition to the water. These contain another chemical to aid with extinguishing purposes. Typical additives include potassium acetate, which forms a crust over a fire to keep it from spreading, and detergent based wetting agents which make it easier to spray on a flame.

water fire extinguisher

To run a water fire extinguisher, first pull the pin that secures the cause. Then, aim the extinguisher carefully. Be sure that you have a strong grip on the hose because water exits these devices at speed and with force.



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