Why Not Go in for a Penthouse?

Your dream house may be a penthouse, villa or a condominium. The main issue is to choose what suits you the best.

If you are dependent on the advice of the property traders to decide for you the best choice, then be ready to obtain a different set of replies from every one of them.


A villa is an independent house with the ground and roof of one’s own, a condo is an apartment/flat while a penthouse is a lavish and class-apart apartment in a builder’s job occupying two floors.

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While you’re constructing a villa, you’re free to exercise your creativity and build the structure in your plot howsoever way you like but in a condo, you have a defined structure by the builder that’s common for each such floor plan. In a penthouse, you’re given access to two or more floors connected within but using a frequent entry gate.

If you are looking ahead to be free from the hassles of building your own villa, then penthouse is the best option for you. However, there’s an enormous difference of living in a villa from that in a penthouse.

If you’re buying a penthouse, then you’re buying for a secure and convenient advantage that you would be earning quite soon. A normal penthouse is usually located in the heart of busy cities occupying the top floors in a regular apartment system for that scenic view.


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