The Structure Analysis Of Ball Valves

The principal function of ball valve would be to cut off or join the fluid passage from the pipe. The functioning principle for this valve depends on the actuating device on the valve stem.

It moves the ball to complete the opening or closing. The sealing concept of the ball valve seat is different owing to several structures. The widely used valve seats are made up of soft-sealing one and hard-sealing one. Learn more about manufacturing and valve product on Stainless Steel Valves.

stainless steel valve

In terms of the soft sealing valve seat, it’s made up of a frequent kind, elastic type, plunger design, special structure design. By way of example, the frequent valve chair realizes the sealing throughout the elastic-plastic deformation of the chair’s substance under the impact of pre-tightening force or fluid pressure.

Its sealing effectiveness depends upon the capacity for the round amount of the ball and the plainness on the surface below the impact of pre-tightening force or fluid pressure. Thus, there must be enough major seal pressure between the valve seat and the chunk.

With the support of the elastic device, such as spring, it deforms under the pre-tightening force or fluid pressure to be able to decrease the impact of the ball sealing property brought on by the changes of external conditions like the temperature, pressure, and abrasion.

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