How to Chose the Best Data Storage Options

Tips on Selection of Most Appropriate Data Storage Option

Looking for choices in terms of how to store your valuable data? Well, then you are at the right place since in the following sections we will be exploring these details. There are different data storage options you can select from, let us go through details of options you can select from.

Types of Data Storage Options

  • Direct Attached Storage
  • Network Attached Storage
  • Storage Area Networks
  • Object Storage
Let us go through details of each one of these in the next few sections.

Direct Attached Storage

data storageAs the name suggests, here storage medium is attached to the server which would be accessing that storage instead of any remote access to data over the network. Commonly used direct-attached storage devices include:
• External or internal hard drives
• Optical drives like DVD or CD ROMs
These direct attached storage devices are physical drives which you can connect to a server (externally or internally), similar to an external drive of a PC.

Network Attached Storage

Network-attached storage (NAS) is one type of external device which is physically connected to a server through WAN or LAN. Normally, these devices tend to be fully self-contained and have their own storage, an operating system, as well as a management interface. 
The main difference between direct-attached storage devices and network attached ones is that in NAS, the device is connected over a network. In addition to it, network attached storage devices have fast ethernet ports so that data transfer can take place at a fast rate.

Storage Area Network

Storage area network or SAN is a form of data storage option which consists of a network of different storage device that is connected to a server so that block-level storage can be provided to applications installed on the servers. The good thing about SAN is that here applications are able to utilize faster storage option without the need to go through complications of application configuration or network sharing.

Object Storage

Here data is stored in the form of objects within a system instead of the usual contiguous directories and files. In object storage individual objects consist of:
• Data itself
• Metadata
• Globally unique identifier
This is considered a unique file storage option and in addition to it, it also provides users with a scalable as well as the inexpensive option of storing large amounts of unstructured data.

Selection of Data Storage Option and Important Consideration

Few of the things you will have to consider before making a selection in terms of which data storage option will be right for you are:
• In case data redundancy will be necessary when you need to select an option which comes with RAID and provides desired redundancy. As such, object storage will prove to be the right option for you.
• If read-write performance is an important factor then SAN storage will be right for you.
• In case frequency of access is an aspect to look into the object storage will be the ideal option and you may have to face problems if you decide to select DAS for this purpose.


Thus, it is clear that there are various option to choose from and selection of a particular data storage option will primarily depend upon your requirements.

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