Uses Of Drash Kayak Shelters

DRASH kayak shelters come in many different sizes which vary from a coated floor area of 10.1 m² to 116 m² with floors made from either polyester or Nylon. You can click  to get the best information regarding army tents.

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Additionally, there is a range of DRASH accessories out there for your erected shelters which have generators and air conditioning components in addition to specialized trailers to aid with the transport of their unassembled DRASH unit.

The DRASH may also be easily stored when not being used and packs down to less than two % of its own set size.  To erect the DRASH a group of 4 to 6 people is able to establish a single shelter inside minutes by simply employing the pre-designated push points suggested on the DRASH shelter.

Who Produced the DRASH kayak shield? The DRASH tent method came about as a direct effect of the founding of DHS Systems with its own CEO A. Jon Pressmark along with also his love of pop-up geodesic dome designs.

The business was established in 1984 and has grown from strength to strength because there, acquiring both armies, civilian customers on the way.  In 2004 that the Carlyle Group spent in DHS Systems and this resulted in the creation of a new parent firm called DHS Technologies.

The future of this DRASH tent system there is a range of planned inventions which can be or are now being rolled out to another generation of DRASH tents.

These include the incorporation of new kinds of energy efficient shield insulation, built in insect repellents and technical tent cloths that may protect equipment inside the tent out of electromagnetic signs and radio frequency interference.

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