Harmful Substances In GMO Foods

Interestingly, many nations have prohibited the growing of GMO plants and many others, at the least, demand labeling of GMO foods.  Certainly, whole areas of the planet are worried about the possibility of toxicity in the meals provided by GMO foods.

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Among the genetic alterations to soy, corn and sugar beets is to create them “Roundup Ready”.  This implies that these plants are designed to withstand the effects of glyphosate, the principal ingredient from the Roundup weed killer.

Glyphosate blocks the role of enzymes which help plants absorb nutrients.  The plant subsequently proceeds to death immediately.  Farmers spray the compound liberally in their areas to eliminate weeds.

Regrettably, these food harvest plants consume glyphosate together with the weeds.  They do not perish as a result due to the genetic modification made to withstand that procedure. This glyphosate residue then makes its way to the food source, both for immediate consumption by people in packed foods and throughout creatures, which can be raised on GMO soy and corn.

Elevated levels of glyphosate are discovered in corn and soy products.  The dilemma is that glyphosate performs the identical role in the human body because it does in crops.

In other words, glyphosate disrupts enzymes which assist us to consume nutrients, which may result in a plethora of ailments.

If you have eaten any packed foods lately, then you’ve probably consumed glyphosate. Another genetic modification involves resistance to insects like worms.

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