WBJEE JENPARH Admit Card and Registration Date

The West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination Board was formed in the year 1962 for the purpose of holding Common Entrance Examination (CEE) for entrance the Undergraduate Level Engineering Classes in the State of West Bengal and was reconstituted in 2014 for the intention behind the conducting Joint Entrance Examination for selecting pupils for admission to the Undergraduate (UG) and Post Graduate (PG)course in Engineering, Technology, management and such other professional, Vocational and General Degree classes in various educational institution rendering Professional, Vocational and general instruction in West Bengal.Last date for On-Line JENPAUH-2016 Registration was 16th June 2016.


JENPAUH Admit Card 2016 will be generated on the notified date for the students to download and take a print.Candidates has to carry to the exam centre a printed hard copy of the Admit Card along with a Photograph Indistinguishable with the uploaded earlier (Voter Card, Pan Card, Aaadhar card, Admit Card of Madhyamik etc).

Nominees must be sure that the admit card isn't mutilated / distorted / soiled by injury. Nominees with such mutilated / distorted / soiled confess cards will not be permitted to appear in JENPAUH-2016.

Nominees are informed to specific thier declare cards carefully in secured place in undamaged state in all respected till end of admission procedure. Detail procedure for Download declare card is given below

A Sneaky Trick Women Use on You

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5 Steps to Clean Up an Infected Computer

The procedure for cleaning up a computer can be a little frightening and more than frustrating. Eliminating the malware isn't simple.You can backup your important data to other computer or mobile by shareit for pc without any cable connection.

Step one would be to prevent becoming infected in the first place, by any means essential. That is best done through smart computer use — for example, do not click on unknown attachments, and check links before clicking on them — and having great antivirus applications.

Yet, even the most savvy computer users can be tricked by a phishing scheme that was great. And while antivirus software do an excellent job of preventing diseases, they cannot constantly defend against malware they do not understand about. Some types of malware attempt to disable antivirus software as part of an assault.

Luckily, there are some easy measures you'll be able to take to clean an infected computer.

Step 1: Inspect Computer with a Free Scanner

Many antivirus software sellers have free scanners available on their sites to find and remove many kinds of malware. You can run them via your browser or download them.

Occasionally malware can take control of the system or conceal itself from these tools. If you can not get the scanning software on the web, or are unable to remove the malware with the scanner, then you will need to use a rescue disc.

Step 2: Use The rescue disk if first step does not work

Many antivirus software propose that you just create a rescue disc before your computer becomes infected, Ziolo said.

"Once the saving disc is created, boot up your infected computer using that disc and follow the directions."

You will have to take some additional measures to assist in preventing future assaults after the malware is removed.

Step 3: Run a system susceptibility test

Many security firms offer free software that enable you to see whether the applications, plugins and operating system of your computer are up to date, and whether all security holes have been patched.

Step 4: Install or upgrade antivirus applications

It's also advisable to ensure your antivirus software is up to date, and then run an entire scan to make certain there aren't any additional risks.

Once programs and the operating systems are reinstalled, patch them by installing upgrades to the most recent versions that are available. Subsequently, restore the data from back-ups.

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