What to Look for in a Door Knob

What are the 4 Important Factors to Consider Before Buying a Door Knob?

Selection of the correct door knobs is an important aspect you need to pay attention to while purchasing residential door hardware . If the wrong door knob is selected then it may result in problems and eventually you will have to buy another one to replace it. Here we will go through some important factors you should focus on while purchasing door knobs to make the right selection.

Four Important Factors to Consider Before Buying a Door Knob

There are several important factors you need to look into before making a purchase, such as:

residential door hardware

• Security 
• Privacy 
• Locking System 
• Ease of Use

Factor #1: Security

If you are looking to purchase a door knob for the exterior door then most important factor for you to look into will be the security the door knob provides. 
Basically, there are three grades into which door knobs are divided according to level of security they provide, these grades are:
Grade I: Door knobs with grade I offer the highest level of security, are used in commercial establishments and can be trusted to provide maximum security.
Grade II: Grade II door knobs perform decently and tend to be suitable for residential usage.
Grade III: These offer security of very basic level and need to be selected only for interior doors.

Factor #2: Privacy

Another important factor you need to focus on, especially when buying door knobs for interior door, will be privacy. As such, you need to look for door knobs with functionality that allows the door to be locked from the inside. These features will ensure that you will be able to lock a room when privacy is important.

Factor #3: Locking System

There are different options in terms of locking mechanism for door knobs, including thumb turn or push buttons. The mechanism does not affect how well the door locks and is rather an option to be selected based upon your personal preferences. While discussing features of a door knob with a residential door hardware provider you will have to inquire whether it has an emergency release mechanism. The reason is that such mechanism will ensure that the lock can be opened in case any problem arises. 

Factor #4: Ease of Use

Selection of a door knob will also depend upon how easy it is to use. This will specifically be a concern in case there is a family member who is suffering from arthritis or similar such problems. Such people will face difficulty in turning a knob so it will be much better to purchase something with handles.

A Final Note

We can see that there are different things you need to check at the time of selecting door knobs. By consulting a residential door hardware manufacturer and keeping note of above mentioned points you will be able to purchase the right door knob.